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1951 Valmet 15 and Valmet 20
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The birth of "Small Valmet"
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Mid-weight diesel tractor
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Once the Tourula factory had completed its major national duty of war reparations alongside other Finnish industrial plants, a new threat revealed itself: how to find civilian products to sell on the markets. Plans to manufacture a small tractor had already begun. In 1951 VMT, now simply Valmet, had to decide how to divide production among its different plants. The decision was made that the tractor project under the leadership of Olavi Sipilä would be more appropriate at the Tourula factory, which was better equipped for series production.

The tooling and machinery that had once been used for weapons production was modified into units suitable for series production of tractors, thus avoiding costly investments. The first Valmet tractors were assembled at the Tourula factory in 1951. This date is considered the birth of Valmet and Valtra brand tractors.

In 1952, a test series of 75 tractors was manufactured. Sales got off to a good, profitable start, and September 1954 saw the delivery of the 2000th Valmet tractor. Just as today, users continually requested more power. It rapidly became clear that farmers were in need of a medium-heavy diesel tractor.

Gustaf av Wrede, Director General of Valmet Oy, subsequently initiated the development of what was later known as the Valmet 33 in 1955. Wrede’s love for tractors came to the fore with the design of Valmet’s diesel model. The impressive diesel powered Valmet 33 was launched at the Helsinki Messuhalli Fair in November 1956.

Valmet began exporting tractors in 1958, with 1250 machines going to Brazil and a further 350 to China. Exports were a way of communicating to the domestic market that Valmet was also a desirable product elsewhere.

Launch of the Valmet 33D, Baron Wrede and Finnish President Urho Kekkonen

Launch of the Valmet 33D, Baron Wrede and Finnish President Urho Kekkonen.

First export batch to China

First export batch to China.