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Autocontrol, the electronic control of the power lift, became optional equipment in the spring of 1988, when an improved version of the medium-size models 505-905 was brought into the market.

The development of electronics had been very rapid. In the beginning of the 80’s, Bosch introduced its own system to limited marketing. Part of the Bosch system was grafted into Valmet’s own development efforts and finally, Autocontrol, a proper synthesis, was ready.

The Valmet system differs, to its advantage, from other systems, because it is very easy to use. Usually there is a multitude of different control knobs, which makes it almost impossible to find the proper control criteria for a certain implement, at least during the first season.

In cooperation with the Work Efficiency Society of Finland, Valmet systematically examined the effects of different controls on productivity. As a result Autocontrol contains pre-programming, which enables the various ploughing situations to be handled with five programmes, depending on the type of soil and implement.

Autocontrol panel

Autocontrol panel