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The Finnish State wanted to consolidate rubber-wheeled vehicle and implement operations within the Sisu Group, which would then be prepared for an eventual stock exchange listing. The largest unit of the Sisu Group was Valmet Tractors. Valmet Forestry Machinery and Valmet Materials Handling Equipment were themselves larger than the parent company Sisu, which was primarily known for its trucks, terminal tractors and military vehicles. The greatest synergies were realised between terminal tractors and materials handling equipment.

During its years under Sisu, Valmet’s tractor operations developed positively, and production numbers increased each year. The changes in ownership had an effect on the brand name, however. Until 1994 it was clear that the tractors carried the Valmet name. The Valmet company was split up, however, and Valmet Paper Machines won the right to inherit the Valmet name. When tractor operations transferred to the Sisu Group, the rights to the Valmet name were limited to the period leading up to 30 April 2001. The new owner intended to adopt the Sisu brand name for its tractors.

This idea was not popular among the Valmet Tractor people. The decision was made to revive the Valtra name, which had already been registered for tractor operations. The new name was launched in 1996 in connection with a new articulated tractor model. In the same year the revised Mega 50 Series was introduced, the top model of which featured Sigma Power with power boost. Valmet was awarded the Gold Medal at the Agritechnica Exhibition in 1997 for this innovation.

The twinning of the diesel engine factory with tractor operations was useful. In 1994 the first Valmet (Sisudiesel) engines were manufactured at the Valmet do Brazil factory in São Paulo. The engine plant had won many new customers, including Massey Ferguson and Steyr. The company had invested heavily in developing its six-cylinder models, which were available in 6.6, 7.4 and 8.4 litre versions.

A new logo  for Valtra tractors

A new logo was created for Valtra tractors.

The product groups of Sisu Corporation

The product groups of Sisu Corporation.

The Mega 50 Series was launched in Paris in 1996

The Mega 50 Series was launched in Paris in 1996.