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1969 Valmet 1100 – The first turbo model
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1971 Valmet 502 – World record in quietness
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1975 Valmet 1502 – Bogie tractor
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Moving to Suolahti
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Tractors with cabs required higher assembly areas than were available in the Tourula plant, and it was recognised that a new factory would be required. Initially this was to be located near Jyväskylä. However, an appropriate alternative location was found 45 kilometres away at the present site in Suolahti, where production commenced in September 1969.

In 1969 Valmet introduced the turbocharged, 115-horsepower, four-wheel-drive 1100. Ergonomic features were further developed, and in 1971 the company introduced the Valmet 502. At that time, the 502 claimed to have the quietest cab in the world. The range of ergonomic tractors was complemented with the introduction of the 702 and 1102, as well as the six-wheel, six-cylinder 1502. Valmet became the market leader in Finland in 1973. In terms of ergonomics, Valtra had taken a head start of several years on its main competitors.

The “Valtra” name had been registered back in 1963, and in 1970 it was used to brand a range of implements engineered specifically for operation with Valmet tractors. The Valtra range included backhoes, front loaders, timber cranes and other special machinery including rough terrain forklifts.

The need for a comprehensive R&D lab was recognised by Valmet management and new facilities opened in 1978. At the same time test beds for transmissions, remote monitoring devices, noise and vibration meters and other test equipment was introduced. The modern facilities were indeed important once negotiations with Volvo BM began.

Exports to Sweden had begun already in the 1960s, but a lot of effort went into developing sales in Norway and Denmark. Factory projects were actively sought around the world, including in Iran and Tanzania.

The new assembly line

The new assembly line.

The next step in ergonomics, Valmet 502

The next step in ergonomics, Valmet 502.

Valtra do Brasil continues to grow

Valtra do Brasil continues to grow.