1932 Bolinder and Munktell join forces

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1934 Bolinder-Munktell models BM 25 and BM 3
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In 1932 the merger of the mechanical companies Munktell and J & C G Bolinder was arranged, creating AB Bolinder-Munktell – also known simply as BM. The merger had a big impact. Bolinder’s share of exports was half its turnover, and it had customers in major markets including France, Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

As Bolinder’s factory grounds in Stockholm grew ever more cramped, with the city expanding around it, all industrial operations were focused on Eskilstuna. A total of 120 railway freight cars were needed for the move. The product lines were also rationalised at this time. Production of Munktell engines was ended, as the company chose to focus on the highly regarded Bolinder engines. Munktell’s tractors thus gained Bolinder engines.

Bolinder-Munktell’s production in the 1930s and 1940s included engines, agricultural tractors, threshing and baling machines, tractor-based road rollers, woodworking machinery and machine tools.

In the early 1940s BM developed a tractor-towed combine harvester and began supplying tractor transmissions to AB Volvo, which had also begun manufacturing tractors during the war.

BM head office around 1932

BM head office around 1932.

GBMV-1 from 1944

GBMV-1 from 1944.