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2005 N Series

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The Valtra N Series was first presented at the Agritechnica exhibition in Germany in 2005. It got a very good reception from the start. The N Series is Valtra's answer to modern day challenges. Three basic models, Classic, HiTech and Advance, and a multitude of options ensure that Valtra is always on the same level with its customers.

The N Series is an accumulation of all typical virtues of the Valtra brand: easy handling and perfect dimensions, a spacious and comfortable cab, a compact nose - especially suitable for front loader work - and the well-known and reliable Valtra transmission technology.

When the N Series was launched it was the world's only tractor with a 4.9 litre engine able to produce up to 160 hp. The basis of this strength was of course AGCO Sisu Power (then known as SisuDiesel).

Advance models have a genuine load sensing hydraulic, which is one of the top performers of its class. Front axle and cabin suspensions add to the driving comfort of the Valtra N Series.

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Valtra N Series
Valtra N Series studio image
Valtra N Series tractor working