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2008 Versu and Direct

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2010 Valtra becomes a full-liner in Brazil
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Valtra had researched several opportunities to increase the number of speed steps in its Delta Powershift. Valtra's novel design served as fertile ground for an innovation that allowed cost-efficient execution of both the five-step powershift and the CVT, provided that the familiar HiTech was used for shuttling. This was the starting point for the development of a family of modern modular transmissions different from the others.

The most significant new developments in Versu and Direct were the new-generation transmission solutions developed entirely by Valtra to cater precisely for the expectations and needs of Valtra users. Versu had a five-step powershift gearbox, with which shifting was accomplished automatically or by pressing buttons. Gear levers were now history.

Direct was a CVT gearbox with stepless speed adjustment. It had a simple design but very versatile functions. The transmission had four speed ranges 'A-B-C-D', or 0-9, 0-18, 0-30 and 0-50 km/h. The speed range was selected to suit the work – for example, the second range 'B', 0-18 km/h, was intended for use on fields. The slowest range 'A' provided the powerful traction needed with ground speed PTO-driven trailers, for example. In this class, Valtra was the only tractor that still offered the ground speed PTO favoured by forest, peat, lime and earth moving contractors.

A substantial benefit in terms of manufacture and service was that the designs of Versu and Direct were modular and many of their components were the same.

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Valtra transmissions

Valtra T202 Versu Direct model was the most powerful one in 2010

In 2010 the most powerful model of the T series was the T202 (Direct model version shown in the picture).