1969 Valmet 1100

1969 Valmet 1100 – The first turbo model

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In the spring of 1969 Valmet was again to make history, when the model 1100, "Stronger than strong", was introduced. As far as was known, the 1100 was the first tractor in the world with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The question about the first turbo in Europe is unsolved, because Volvo BM launched its own six-cylinder, charged model T 810 at about the same time, but as Valmet and Volvo BM are the same family now, the question is not relevant anymore.

The true innovation of the 1100 was, of course, the turbocharged engine. Type 411 AS was a charged version of the familiar 411 A. The power was rated at 115 hp SAE, approx. 102 hp DIN. Farmers were prejudiced against a 4.18 l four-cylinder machine, as the competitors of the respective size had to have a six-cylinder for reaching the same power. But many contractors understood the meaning of turbo-charging, because at the time Swedish turbocharged lorries were creating a firm reputation on the transport side.

>A radio was standard in the tractor, clearly for the first time in Europe.

During the year 1969 Valmet brought 4WD models of both the 900 and the 1100 to the market. Also these were primarily meant for contracting work, and the driven front wheels had industrial tyres, size 12.00-24. The respective rear tyres were 16.9-34.

PTO for 4WD was located on the left side of the transmission. Front axle technology was still in its first phase of development - for example the front wheel steering angle was hardly more than 35 degrees - but turbo four-wheel-drive was a big hit in contracting work at that time, as the load capacity, 4 tons, was exceptionally high.

  • Valmet 1100 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 4.2 l / 4T
  • Power: 115 hp
  • Speeds: 8 + 2 R
  • Weight: 3700 kg

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Valmet 1100

Valmet 1100

Valmet 1100 The first turbo model

The first turbo model