X Series – Articulated Valtra

1996 X Series – Articulated Valtra

Valtra history

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In the early 1960s, the forest industry in the Nordic countries was seeking solutions for mechanical harvesting.

Valmet decided to develop an articulated all-terrain tractor using the components from an agricultural tractor. The R&D work took place at the Tourula tractor plant in Jyväskylä, Finland.

The Valmet 363 D all-terrain tractor was based on the Valmet 361 D model. It was powered by a 46-horsepower engine, the tyre size was 14–24 and it weighed around 4000 kilos. Production of the Valmet 865 series production model was transferred to the Valmet factory in Tampere, Finland. At the same time the engine was switched for a four-cylinder Valmet 411A engine producing 80 horsepower. This led to the development of Valmet’s forest machine series that took over from Volvo BM’s forest machines in the early 1980s and created a world-class company. Following the restructuring of the company, the forest machine business was acquired by Komatsu in 2004.

Valmet tractors have always been used for forestry and contracting tasks. Entering the 1990s, the company decided to use its four-cylinder Mezzo 6600 model as the basis for a new articulated tractor. The steel fuel tank between the engine and transmission was replaced by a heavy-duty articulated joint.

The Valtra brand name was introduced with the articulated models in 1996. Two models were offered: the Valtra City with a front loader and 95 to 115 horsepower, and the Valtra Forest with high-power hydraulics and 115 horsepower. The articulated models offered numerous benefits. The rear wheels follow in the same tracks as the front wheels, and the powerful steering cylinder makes it possible to wriggle out of tricky places in tough terrain.

In the new millennium the articulated models were based on the four-cylinder M Series, and power increased up to 150 horsepower on the XM150. This model remained in production until 2006.

The articulated Valtra tractors attracted a loyal customer base, especially among municipal contractors. Enquiries began to pour in asking when a new articulated model would be offered, as their existing ones were racking up enormous numbers of hours. Valtra listened closely to its customers. Using the parts from its N Series, including the 171-horsepower engine, Direct transmission, 160-litre per minute hydraulics and TwinTrac reverse-drive system, and calling on the expertise of its Unlimited Studio, Valtra is now able to offer a new articulated model.

An advantage of the new solution compared to previous designs is its intelligent steering capabilities, whereby the chassis and front wheels can be turned according to need.

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Valtra articulated tractors

Articulated Valmet 363D from 1963

Articulated Valmet 363 D from 1963

Valtra X120 City

Valtra X-120 City

Valtra X N163 Direct

Articulated tractors are ideal for farming, municipal contracting and forestry tasks. They can perform a wide range of tasks, making them especially suitable for farmers who do contracting on the side.