1913 munktell 30 40

1913 Munktell's first tractor

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1832 Munktell in Eskilstuna
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The clergyman son Johan Munktell
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Munktells manufactured its first raw oil engine in 1905. Munktells was a specialist in portable steam engines, and that enabled the combination of an internal combustion engine and locomotive chassis, which was in fact a tractor. This combination was made in 1913.

The Munktell 30-40 tractor was huge. The total weight was eight tons and the diameter of the steel-made rear wheel was 2.1 m. The raw oil engine was a semi-diesel, two cycle, twin cylinder with a displacement of 14 litres. The cooling system contained 380 litres of water. As for the quality of fuel, the engine was quite tolerant: it could use nafta, kerosene and tar mixed with alcohol.

The engine was designed for a constant speed of 550 rpm; the specific fuel consumption was around 275 grams per hp hour. Today, the diesel engines reach 150-160 g/hph (200-215 g/kWh). The rated power was variable, usually 30 hp but the water injection increased the rating up to 40 hp.

According to the gained experience, the big Munktell ploughed about one acre per hour. Altogether 31 units of this model were manufactured. Some units were exported to Denmark, Germany and Russia.

  • Munktell 30-40 in short:
  • Engine volume/cylinders: 14.4 l / 2
  • Power: 40 hp
  • Speeds: 3 + R (2.8, 3.6 and 4.4 km/h)
  • Wheelbase: 3 meters
  • Weight: 8300 kg
The first Munktell 1913

The first Munktell tractor was a giant in size

The second model 20-24 of Munktell

The second model 20-24 of Munktell