1959 T350

1959 BM Volvo T 350 Boxer – The Classic

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The BM Volvo T 350 Boxer was unveiled on March 18, 1959. It became perhaps the brightest star of the Swedish tractor family. The predecessor T 35/36 was leading the competition as far as the engine was concerned, but as for the transmission and PTO system, more features were needed, especially for the tractor trailed combine harvesters, which became very popular in Sweden. When Boxer came to the market it fulfilled all the expectations.

The direct injection Bolinder diesel was developed by expanding the bore from 105 mm to 111 mm. This dimension also gave the engine family the name "111". The swept volume of Boxer was 3.78 litres, developing 52-56 hp. The most important innovations, however, were made in the transmission. The number of speeds was 10+2R. The PTO was fully independent, a large diameter Twin Disc, hand operated multi disc clutch was used to engage the power-take-off.

The differential lock was included in the standard equipment. The wheelbase of Boxer was exceptionally long, 2305 mm, and its weight a favourable 2400 kg. Also the tyres were large, 14-30 or 11-38. After the manufacture of 10.000 Boxers the advanced Terra-Trol hydraulic system became a new favourite. As a total package, T 350 Boxer was the product that created the high international image of BM Volvo tractors.

  • BM Volvo T 350 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 3.78 l / 3
  • Power: 56 hp
  • Speeds: 10 + 2 R (2.8, 3.6 and 4.4 km/h)
  • Wheelbase: 2,3 meters
  • Weight: 2400 kg
The Boxer predecessor T 35/36 from 1952

The Boxer predecessor T 35/36 from 1952

BM T 350 Boxer

BM T 350 Boxer