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Co-operation with Steyr had produced a number of advanced features, and sales of tractors grew rapidly throughout Continental Europe and the British Isles. The four-cylinder Mezzo model, introduced in 1991, was a hit, and the six-cylinder Mega series added to the success.

1991 and ‘92 were dark years for the tractor industry. Sales collapsed, and tractor manufacturers throughout the world were in trouble. Valmet Oy restructured by merging its Brazilian tractor operations and the diesel engine factory located at Nokia, Finland, with its European tractor operations, which were headquartered in Suolahti. The number of employees had to be cut dramatically.

The hardships ultimately strengthened the company, and the sacrifices of the workforce and its dedication to developing business operations saved the tractor company. Valmet had bad memories of accumulated stocks, leading it to introduce its unique customer order system in 1992. At the same time, concerted efforts were made on developing quality. In December 1993 Valmet became the first tractor manufacturer in the world to obtain ISO 9001 quality accreditation.

A sales office was also established in each of Valmet’s main export countries in order to foster closer contact with customers. The customer order system was also marketed to export countries. By the end of the decade Valmet had 15 sales companies, including in North and South America.

The company’s financial position improved in leaps and bounds, and the rapidly growing Finnish tractor company began to attract the interest of global manufacturers. Hostile takeover bids were successfully countered.

During this turbulent decade, ownership changed twice: Valmet Oy wished to concentrate on paper manufacturing machinery and general factory automation. As a result, Sisu acquired the tractor, forest machinery and material handling divisions in 1994.

The 10,000th 05 Series was produced on September 17th 1985

The 10,000th 05 Series was produced on September 17th 1985.

The cooperation with Steyr had an influence on the next model ranges

The cooperation with Steyr had an influence on the next model ranges...

The Mezzo and Mega Series

...the Mezzo and Mega Series in the early 1990´s.