1964 Valmet 565 – "Drive your tractor like your car"

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A true novelty of 1964 was the Valmet 565, nicknamed The Synchro Tractor. It replaced the very successful 361 D, of which altogether 14 796 units had been made in Finland.

The greatest innovation in the synchro tractor was the synchronized gearbox, for which Valmet scored points. Gears two and three in the basic gearbox and group gears slow - fast were synchronized. There were no challengers in the Finnish market, and in industry in general no synchronizations were known other than that between two gears. The ads put it straight: "Now you drive your tractor like your car". This resemblance with motor cars was further supplemented by the foot throttle that was now standard equipment.

The engine remained three-cylinder, but due to the improvements it was now called 310 A. Its power was rated at 52 hp SAE/2250 rpm.

From its look, the synchro tractor could be recognized by its large tyres as well as the upright ribs of the radiator and the big V-sign in the centre of the grill. A similar V-sign has now reappeared on the nose of the Valtra N Series.

  • Valmet 565 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 2.7 l / 3
  • Power: 52 hp
  • Speeds: 6 + 2 R
  • Weight: 1930 kg

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Valmet 565

Valmet 565

The synchromesh 6+2R gearbox became a great success

The synchromesh 6+2R gearbox became a great success.