2017 VALTRA SmartTouch

2017 SmartTouch armrest sets new standards for ergonomics

Valtra introduced its innovative SmartTouch armrest in February 2017 at the SIMA exhibition in Paris. SmartTouch was initially available only on the 4th generation S Series, and not much noise was made about it. The real surprise was still to come...

Valtra had invited sales representatives and trade journalists to the launch of the 4th generation A Series in Klarenbeek, the Netherlands, in June. The invited guests knew that they would get to see the completely new A Series, which was big news in itself, but even bigger news was the announcement that the SmartTouch armrest would be available on N and T Series tractors.

SmartTouch set new standards for armrest ergonomics within the tractor industry. Previously, armrests had been hard to use, ugly and fitted with tiny screens that usually had black and white graphics and were certainly not touchscreens. The colour touchscreen on the SmartTouch user interface marked a revolution, especially as it was even simpler to use than a typical smartphone. Only two taps or swipes are required to make changes to any of the tractor’s settings. In addition, despite the impressive number of available settings, all of them are easy to find and access by tapping the relevant part of the tractor image displayed on the home screen.

SmartTouch has earned its share of international awards thanks to both its impressive usability and design.

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