Valmet 502

1971 Valmet 502 – World record in quietness

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Moving to Suolahti
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502 cab design
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The experiences made with the big Valmet models were applied to a new mid-range model. Brave technical solutions raised the Valmet 502 into a classic in the tractor world.

The noise level was officially measured at N 85, which means that the human ear can be exposed to this noise for five hours continuously without any serious risk of the hearing growing weaker. The only competitor at the time, in terms of noise level, was the BM-Volvo T 650 with a level of N 87. Other tractors on the market did not have a safety cab designed by the manufacturer itself.

There were also changes under the cab and the bonnet. Total weight went up to 2450 kg, the wheel base increased some inches, and the fuel tank as load carrying member of the chassis was lengthened. Fuel tank capacity grew to 65 l. Hydrostatic steering was standard and the power lift was designed anew.

It was an experience to drive a 502 after any ordinary tractor. It was definitely more silent than any other tractor in those days, and the hydrostatic steering made it extremely nimble to control. Despite the fact that the engine power was the same as in the previous Valmet model, productivity of the machine increased, because the low noise level encouraged the operator to use higher engine speeds.

  • Valmet 502 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 2.7 l / 3
  • Power: 54 hp
  • Speeds: 6 + 2 R
  • Paino: 2450 kg
Valmet 502 Perfect ergonomic

Perfect ergonomics not only for ploughing.

Valmet 502 a classic in the tractor world

The Valmet 502 is a classic in the tractor world.

Valmet 702 cross-section drawing

Valmet 702 cross-section drawing.