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The Suolahti tractor plant has hosted a large number of visitors over the years. The acquisition of Volvo BM’s tractor operations first attracted mainly visitors from other Nordic countries. Around 1990 the sales team for southeast Finland arranged a factory visit that allowed many customers to watch their own tractors being built on the production line.

The idea of factory visits was played with for a few years. The decision to end series production in order to restructure operations around individual customer orders was a landmark in closer customer relations. As a result, factory visits that offer customers the chance to watch their own tractors being built are an essential part of the Valtra experience.

The customer order system was implemented in 1992. Accordingly, Valtra offers an extremely wide selection of alternative layouts and equipment. The Valtra salesperson and customer specify together the exact tractor that the customer wants. The order is sent directly to the factory, and the assembly process begins. The delivery time from what is perhaps the world’s most efficient tractor plant is just 4 to 7 weeks, depending on the season. Customers get exactly the tractor they want, and it is delivered fresh from the factory without warehousing.

Valtra is a pioneer in delivering custom-made tractors.

In the same year that the customer order system was implemented, another Valtra innovation was introduced: TwinTrac. This allows the tractor to be utilised in both directions. The driver’s seat rotates 180 degrees, offering access to a separate set of pedals, controls and a steering wheel for working in reverse. As a result, new levels of manoeuvrability and visibility were achieved.

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About Valtra

Valtra's custom order is a unique way of operation in the industry.

Valtra's custom order is a unique way of operation in the industry.