1956 33D

1956 Valmet 309 D engine and Valmet 33 D tractor

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In the spring of 1955 the Valmet Linnavuori factory began to investigate the possibilities of manufacturing a diesel engine. The decision made by Valmet was based on practical conditions and needs. The diesel engine is very reliable in running and the specific fuel consumption is more favourable than that of a carburettor engine. That is why diesel was chosen.

Direct injection was chosen as injection principle because of its good cold start properties and its fuel economy. It was also decided to use liquid engine cooling and, in addition, wet, replaceable cylinder liners.

These far-reaching decisions resulted in the three-cylinder Valmet 309 D engine. As it appeared on the market in the new model, Valmet 33, this engine was very modern. The same structural principles can still be found in today's AGCO Sisu Power engines.

At the same time that Linnavuori began to develop the engine, the developing of the actual tractor was started at Tourula Works. The project was led by Mr. Olavi Sipilä, who had already gained a reputation in planning the small Valmet. The result, the Valmet 33 D, launched in 1957, had modern features. The engine power - 37 hp - was in accordance with the 1700 kg weight. The gearbox had six forward speeds and two reverse gears.

The hydraulic, standard power lift had a lift capacity of 1350 kg and, as a whole, the basic design was uncomplicated, with good ground clearance and easy operation.

In this model the fuel tank was already installed in the body, between the clutch and the gearbox. Since then, this has been a characteristic of Valmet tractors. With standard 11-28 tyres the tractor reached a good 28.5 km/h speed on the road, and that was more than any of the best competitors could manage at the time.

  • Valmet 33 D in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 2,7 l / 3
  • Power: 37 hp
  • Speeds: 6 + 2R
  • Weight: 1700 kg

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Valmet 33 D

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