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Improved Synchro tractor: Valmet 565 II
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Into the era of ergonomics
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502 cab design
When the Valmet 502 was introduced in 1971 it had the world’s quietest cab. Read more
Twin Trac
Twin Trac Read more
SCR engine technology
AGCO Sisu Power chose SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to reduce emissions Read more
Custom-built tractors
1985 1994 3 Read more
1985 1994 2 Read more
Contacts with Volvo
1979 1985 Volvo BM Read more
Moving to Suolahti
1969 1979 Suolahti Read more
Tractors for America
1960 1969 Valmet do Brasil Read more
Mid-weight diesel tractor
1951 1960 Valmet 33D Read more
The birth of "Small Valmet"
1951 1960 5 Read more
War-time shortages
1926 1951 3 Read more
The birth of Volvo
1927 1950 1 Read more
How about Bolinder-Munktell?
1934 Bolinder Munktell Read more
Legendary tale about Bolinder's famous engines
Bolinder motors Read more
The clergyman son Johan Munktell
Johan Theofron Munktell Read more
2019 autonomia

2020 Tractors operated in tests without a driver

By 2020, autonomous tractors had been developed to the point that they could be easily operated without a driver in various tests and demonstrations.

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2020 G Series

2020 G Series introduces advanced equipment on small tractors

The new G Series opened new doors and overturned old perceptions.

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T sarjalainen Auto Guidella vuonna 2005

2019 Automated steering and precision farming become mainstream

Automated steering has been a Valtra factory-fitted accessory since the early 2000s, but it did not achieve a real breakthrough until the late 2010s.

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2017 VALTRA SmartTouch

2017 SmartTouch armrest sets new standards for ergonomics

Valtra introduced its innovative SmartTouch armrest in February 2017 at the SIMA exhibition in Paris. SmartTouch was initially available only on the 4th generation S Series, and not much noise was made about it. The real surprise was still to come...

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2017 VALTRA series 4 tractors

2017 Series 4 tractors designed from a clean sheet of paper

When our 4th generation A, N, T and S Series tractors were unveiled between 2014 and 2017, they immediately stood out from the competition. The N and T Series tractors in particular were designed from an absolutely clean sheet of paper. Only the steering wheel and shuttle lever were carried over due to the excellence of their designs.

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2015 asr

2015 ASR optimises wheelspin

One would think that less wheelslip means better traction. When it comes to tractors, however, somewhere between 20 and 30 percent wheelslip when working on fields achieves the best combination of pulling power and fuel consumption. If fuel consumption is not an issue, then the optimal pulling power is achieved with up to 50 percent wheelslip.

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2011 biogas

2011 Limited serial production of biogas tractors

Valtra introduced its T133 biogas model in 2011. A couple of years later, Valtra began limited serial production of the N101 biogas model.

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2010 N series awards

2010 Fourth generation models win numerous awards

Valtra began introducing new fourth generation models in the early 2010s, beginning with the S Series and continuing with the T and N Series

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2008 versu direct

2008 Versu and Direct

The most significant new developments in Versu and Direct were the new-generation transmission solutions developed entirely by Valtra to cater precisely for the expectations and needs of Valtra users.

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2007 gearboxes

2007 CV of the CVT

While the first 50 years of tractors focused on developing engines, the following 50 years has focussed on developing transmissions. The result of all this development work is the stepless or “continuously variable transmission”, CVT for short. CVT transmissions solve many issues related to usability, efficiency and optimum ratios.

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2005 AutoGuide

2005 Self-guided tractors with remote monitoring

Tractor technology took a giant leap forward with the introduction of autosteer and remote monitoring systems. Back in the 1990s the idea that a tractor could steer itself would have sounded like science fiction, yet just a decade later this option became widely available on Valtra tractors.

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Valtra N Series

2005 N Series

The N Series is Valtra's answer to modern day challenges. When the N Series was launched it was the world's only tractor with a 4.9 litre engine able to produce up to 160 hp.

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S Series Valtra

2001 S Series

Once Valtra had made a sufficient breakthrough in the biggest tractor markets, the pressure was on to introduce a model with over 200 horsepower.

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1999 ecopower

1999 Valtra EcoPower

EcoPower was launched in 1999 with the 8350 model. The basic idea behind the development of EcoPower was to utilise the strong construction of SisuDiesel engines.

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1998 HiTech

Valtra developed its own electronically managed transmission and multiport powershift. In doing so it studied the temperatures of key components in order to direct the drive via a proportional valve.

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1997 Name changes

The original name Valmet was an abbreviation of the words VALtion METallitehtaat, State Metal Works. The name was adopted in 1951, at the same time when the first tractor was produced.

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X Series – Articulated Valtra

1996 X Series – Articulated Valtra

In the early 1960s, the forest industry in the Nordic countries was seeking solutions for mechanical harvesting. Valmet decided to develop an articulated all-terrain tractor using the components from an agricultural tractor.

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Sigma Power

1996 Sigma Power milestones

Sigma Power was introduced in the Mega Series at a major launch in Paris in 1996. The invention was awarded the Gold Medal at the Agritechnica Exhibition in Germany in 1997.

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Valtra customer order system

1992 Customer order system

The Suolahti tractor plant has hosted a large number of visitors over the years. The acquisition of Volvo BM’s tractor operations first attracted mainly visitors from other Nordic countries.

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1991 Mezzo and Mega – The new generation of the 90s

The agreement with Volvo concerning the supply of transmissions and powertrains ended in 1990. Well before this time, however, Valmet had designed an entirely new generation of tractors. Its four-cylinder version was given the name Mezzo or 6000 Series, while the six-cylinder version was known as the Mega or 8000 Series.

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1988 Autocontrol

Autocontrol, the electronic control of the power lift, became optional equipment in the spring of 1988, when an improved version of the medium-size models 505-905 was brought into the market.

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1988 varisuora

1988 Valmet colour range

The colour of a tractor has traditionally been regarded as one of the most important factors to create its identity. During its history, Valmet had changed the colour twice. Noe Valmet made a decision to send the medium-size models 505-905 to the market in five different colours.

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Volvo BM Valmet 2005

1985 Last of the Volvo BM Mohicans

The Volvo BM Valmet 2005 and 2105 were unveiled in February 1985. The new tractor models were only available with four-wheel-drive and an APL Series front axle by ZF, which reduced the turning circle to 5.4 metres. Altogether 455 units of the 2005-4 model and 545 units of the 2105 model were produced, satisfying the main markets up to the end of the 1980s.

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1985 Volvo BM Valmet 405

1985 Volvo BM Valmet 305 and 405

The new models were launched in June 1985 in Suolahti. The reception was very positive. The products were presented under the Volvo BM Valmet brand, as Volvo BM continued to supply certain parts for the rear axle, for example. The 305 and 405 would be the last models with the twin designation, as the following year the name of all models was simplified to Valmet.

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1983 Four-wheel drive tractors became commonplace in the 1980s. Valmet 702S

1983 Four-wheel drive tractors became commonplace in the 1980s

Although four-wheel drive technology existed a hundred years ago, it was introduced on tractors only in the 1950s and did not become commonplace until the 1980s.

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Valmet do Brasil’s “Alcool” series featured three models: the four-cylinder Valmet 88 and the six-cylinder Valmet 118 and 118-4

1983 Veteran when it comes to researching alternative fuels

Valtra has carried out a lot of research and testing with alternative fuels in both Europe and Brazil for several decades.

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1982 Volvo BM Valmet 05 Series

1982 Volvo BM Valmet 05 Series

When the 05 Series came to the market in January 1983, it represented the absolute height tractor technology. The new models were easily distinguished from other tractors. A unique, modern look and a spacious cab attracted the customers.

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1980 Valmet 602

1980 Valmet 602 – Turbothree

In the field of turbo-charging, Valmet brought forth two world novelties: the first turbocharged three-cylinder engine meant for use in tractors, in the model 602 Turbo, and the first Comprex pressure wave supercharger in the model 1203.

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1980 Valmet 1203

1980 Valmet 1203 – Supercharger

The Comprex charger that came into the series in model 1203 represented a totally new kind of thinking.

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1976 t650

1976 Volvo BM T 650 – The original BM Volvo cab

Boxer and its successor T 600 needed a replacement. Not only were there stricter noise regulations for the cab, but there was also a demand for shift-on-the-go and more cylinders.

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1975 Valmet 1502

1975 Valmet 1502 – Bogie tractor

The aim was both to further develop ergonomics and to bring a tractor range in the power class 120-150 hp to the market. The model 1502, then, was only one way of combining the modules developed in the project. The big sensations was that the big rear wheels had been replaced by four bogie driven wheels.

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1972 1102S

1972 Valtra is a pioneer in the use of turbo engines

Turbocharged engines began to appear on European tractors in the 1980s. Initially they were offered only by a few tractor manufacturers and on selected models only and Valtra was very much a pioneer in this trend.

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1971 Valmet 502

1971 Valmet 502 – World record in quietness

The experiences made with the big Valmet models were applied to a new mid-range model. Brave technical solutions raised the Valmet 502 into a classic in the tractor world.

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1969 Valmet 1100

1969 Valmet 1100 – The first turbo model

In the spring of 1969 Valmet was again to make history, when the model 1100, "Stronger than strong", was introduced. As far as was known, the 1100 was the first tractor in the world with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

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1967 Valmet 900

1967 Valmet 900 – Safety cab standard

The Valmet 900 started the era of ergonomics in tractor technology. The most important from a historical point of view was the safety cab, which was an integral part of the tractor.

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1967 Valmet 700

1967 Hundred Series offered customers more choice

The development of truly modern tractors can be said to have begun with the launch of the Valmet 565 in 1965. Whereas previously tractors had been designed above all to be sturdy and reliable workhorses, by the mid-1960s the time had come to take into consideration also driver comfort and possible other uses for tractors outside of agriculture. This recognition kicked off a busy and very successful era for the designers and engineers at Valmet.

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BM-Volvo T400 Buster

1966 First BM-Volvo tractors made in Finland

This was the headline on page 12 of the second issue of Volvo Viesti magazine in 1966 and it marked Volvo’s response to Valmet and Rosenlew, which had established the sales company Maskinköp AB in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1964.

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1964 valmet 565

1964 Valmet 565 – "Drive your tractor like your car"

A true novelty of 1964 was the Valmet 565, nicknamed The Synchro Tractor. The greatest innovation was the synchronized gearbox, for which Valmet scored points.

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1959 T350

1959 BM Volvo T 350 Boxer – The Classic

The BM Volvo T 350 Boxer was unveiled on March 18, 1959. It became perhaps the brightest star of the Swedish tractor family.

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Valmet 359D

1959 Valmet 359D – The improved diesel model

The 33D was the first diesel-powered Valmet tractor. Unveiled in 195, it entered production in 1957. Altogether 1537 units were manufactured until its replacement, the 359D, was introduced in 1959. The new model featured a wide range of improvements.

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1956 33D

1956 Valmet 309 D engine and Valmet 33 D tractor

In the spring of 1955 the Valmet Linnavuori factory began to investigate the possibilities of manufacturing a diesel engine. The decision made by Valmet was based on practical conditions and needs. This resulted in the three-cylinder Valmet 309 D engine.

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Valmet 361 äestää pellolla

1955 Diesel’s first steps

VIn the mid-1950s the Valmet 20 tractor was a common sight on Finnish fields. At the same time Valmet was designing bigger tractors powered by diesel engines. When this design work began at the Linnavuori engine plant, engineers were faced by many alternatives: air or water cooling, direct injection or prechamber engine, number of cylinders? The engineers at Valmet ultimately decided on a three-cylinder, liquid-cooled direct injection engine.

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1951 Valmet 15 and 20

1951 Valmet 15 and Valmet 20

The first small tractor was designed without major investments by using existing components. The product itself, the Valmet 15A, was introduced at a time when there was a great demand for small tractors, which were replacing horses as the principal means of power on the farm.

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1934 bm3

1934 Bolinder-Munktell models BM 25 and BM 3

The first really new tractor model since 1921 was unveiled in 1934. The model BM 25 was powered by a Bolinder W5 engine.

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1913 munktell 30 40

1913 Munktell's first tractor

Munktells manufactured its first raw oil engine in 1905. Munktells was a specialist in portable steam engines, and that enabled the combination of an internal combustion engine and locomotive chassis, which was in fact a tractor.

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