2018 Valtra series 4 prizes

2018 Series 4 Valtra tractors showered with awards

The 4th generation of Valtra tractors have earned numerous international awards since they were launched. While many of these are design awards, even more are related to specific features and overall usability. For example, the Tractor of the Year jury is made up of European trade journalists who test drive all the nominees in real-life conditions.

These awards are a byproduct of excellent R&D work at Valtra. The 4th generation of Valtra tractors were designed from a clean sheet of paper with the goal of creating the best possible new tractors instead of updating previous models. In brief, the objective was to provide the best possible user experience. Close attention was also paid to design features, both inside and outside the tractor.

“The design work for our fourth-generation tractors goes back a long way, around ten years or so. It didn’t start with a specific project but rather with a team of inspired people who did a lot of work also on their own time,” remembers Kimmo Wihinen, Manager, Industrial Design & User Experience at Valtra.

The R&D work certainly does not end with the fourth generation; instead, the team at Valtra is already working on the world’s best tractor ten years from now.

Major international awards:

  • Machine of the Year 2015
  • RedDot Award winner 2016
  • A´Design Award platinum 2016
  • Machine of the Year 2016
  • Tractor of the Year – Golden Tractor for Design 2016
  • Good Design award 2016
  • RedDot Award honourable mention 2017
  • RedDot Award winner 2017
  • Machine of the Year 2017
  • iF Design Award 2018
  • Tractor of the Year – Best Design 2018
  • Machine of the Year 2018
  • Tractor of the Year 2018
  • RedDot Award Winner 2018

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