Volvo BM Valmet 2005

1985 Volvo BM Valmet/Valmet 2005 and 2105 – Last of the Volvo BM Mohicans

In the early 1980s Volvo BM announced that it was discontinuing production of its large six-cylinder models, the BM 2650 and 2654. Around the same time Valmet had planned that its large tractors would be based on the 12+4R transmission of Valmet do Brasil’s large model, the 138-4. Valmet’s co-operative sales organisation in the Nordics nevertheless criticised the project since the proposed model lacked a powershift and planetary gearing in the rear axle. Since Valmet lacked the resources to solve these technical issues, it had to look to another manufacture to supply a large model.

Negotiations were held with International Harvester, Ford and Allis-Chalmers, among others, but to no avail. Since a solution was not available from outside suppliers, Valmet turned to Volvo BM. The new large model would be a modernised version of the Volvo BM 2654. The model was redesigned by the R&D department of Scantrac, a joint venture between Valmet and Volvo, in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

The Volvo BM Valmet 2005 and 2105 were unveiled in February 1985. The new tractor models were only available with four-wheel-drive and an APL Series front axle by ZF, which reduced the turning circle to 5.4 metres. The 2005 model was powered by a 5.5-litre Volvo TD 60 B engine with 140 hp DIN. The 60 K engine that powered the larger model featured an intercooler, increasing power to 163 hp DIN. The hydraulics were improved by increasing lifting capacity to 5 tonnes and temporarily up to 6.5 tonnes.

The new models met with a relatively positive response from the market – after all, the tractors featured 14 forward gears and 4 reverse gears with the powershift. However, the largest main gear, 8+2R, was not accessible since it would have exceeded the maximum 30 km/h speed limit in Sweden. The cab, familiar to many from previous models; what it lacked in style, it made up for in space and practicality. Altogether 455 units of the 2005-4 model and 545 units of the 2105 model were produced, satisfying the main markets up to the end of the 1980s.

Volvo BM Valmet 2005

Two new large models, the Volvo BM Valmet 2005 (140 hp DIN) and 2105 (163 hp DIN) were introduced in February 1985. The latter was among the first tractors in Europe to feature an intercooler. The basic structure was based on the Volvo BM 2654 model, but the new ZF front axle made the large tractor more agile.

Volvo BM Valmet 2105

The ZF front axle made the 2005/2105 models more agile. The lifting capacity of the linkage, 5000 or 6500 kg, was particularly impressive at the time. The curb weight of the tractor was 6230 kg.