2020 G Series

2020 G Series introduces advanced equipment on small tractors

The new G Series opened new doors and overturned old perceptions. Traditionally, in both the automotive world and tractors, the finest features and equipment have been available only on the biggest and most expensive models. The G Series changed this by offering the most advanced equipment, such as precision farming features, on tractors in the 100-horsepower size range.

The G Series was introduced with the same precision farming features as on bigger tractors, from the SmartTouch user interface to the Versu transmission. Above all, however, the G Series was designed as an all-purpose tool for farms and front-loader tasks. Its versatility and performance also impressed the Tractor of the Year jury, the award for 2021 going to the Valtra G135 Versu model. The G Series complemented Valtra’s model range perfectly between the A Series and the N Series, while the smallest N Series models were discontinued.

Tractor of the Year - Best Utility