Valmet colour range

1988 Valmet colour range

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The colour of a tractor has traditionally been regarded as one of the most important factors to create its identity. During its history, Valmet had changed the colour twice, from red to yellow in 1968 and back to red in 1982, with the 04 and 05 Series.

On the other hand, Valmet looks so unique that it is easy to recognize by the mere profile. That is why Valmet made a decision to send the medium-size models 505-905 to the market in five different colours. In order to avoid large stocks, machines in any other colour but red were made upon customer order.

The standard model was still the one with the red bonnet and red cab. The cab of the colour line tractors was always black with white, yellow, blue, green or red bonnet, plus decals in the respective colour on the mainly black cab.

The result was as expected. The tractor was not less recognizable; on the contrary, it gained more fame.

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Valmet colour range

Valmet colour range