2017 VALTRA series 4 tractors

2017 Series 4 tractors designed from a clean sheet of paper

When our 4th generation A, N, T and S Series tractors were unveiled between 2014 and 2017, they immediately stood out from the competition. The N and T Series tractors in particular were designed from an absolutely clean sheet of paper. Only the steering wheel and shuttle lever were carried over due to the excellence of their designs.

N and T Series tractors are similar in many ways. Some of the models share the same transmission or engine, and the 174 model, for example, can be had as either a four-cylinder N Series or a six-cylinder T Series tractor. Series 4 tractors replaced the 3rd generation of Valtra tractors, which had design features – such as the cab structure – dating back decades. The old A Series in particular was in need of updating and was replaced by the A4 Series, which was developed in collaboration with AGCO. The A4 Series also benefits from new economies of scale, as it is manufactured by Valtra in both Brazil and Finland. For the S Series, the evolution from the 3rd to the 4th generation was less pronounced compared to the other model series.

The 4th generation of Valtra tractors enjoyed immediate success. Dealers placed orders for over a thousand N and T Series tractors as soon as they were unveiled. Juries comprising trade journalists and other experts announced numerous awards for the new models. The SmartTouch armrest in particular attracted a lot of praise from customers, the press and competition juries.

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