1967 Valmet 900

1967 Valmet 900 – Safety cab standard

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The Valmet 900 started the era of ergonomics in tractor technology. The new design was full of unforeseen qualities. The most important from a historical point of view was the safety cab, which was an integral part of the tractor.

Already then, the cab was insulated from the tractor body with rubber mountings. Isolation, internal trimming parts and rubber floor mats helped achieve a N95, at that time rather low, noise level. The tightness enabled the use of an effective heating and ventilation system that also included a defrosting device for the windshield.

The instrument panel was similar to that of a car and the steering was hydrostatic - Valmet was the first client of Danfoss. Another similarity with cars was achieved by placing the gear levers on the right-hand side of the operator, away from between the legs on the floor. Other manufacturers began to copy this solution. Furthermore, a lot of "human engineering" resources had been dedicated to investigate the dimensions of the driver's place, the position of the steering wheel in relation to the driver's seat, the geometry of levers and the visibility from the cab.

All in all, the look was unique and it showed that both the bonnet and the cab had been on the drawing board at the same time. The colour was changed, too. The red was replaced by a brownish yellow and the chassis was brown.

The delivery of the hydraulics surpassed all standards of that time. It was 65 l/min, out of which 19 l was shared for the hydrostatic steering and the rest, 46 l, for the needs of the hydraulics. There were as many as three different functions: position, draught and pressure controls. Lift capacity was 2500 kg at the link ends.

When this tractor was introduced for the first time in public, in the spring of 1967, it caused a stir in the tractor world. It was not often that so many innovations had been brought to the market at one time as was the case in the Valmet 900.

  • Valmet 900 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 4.2 l / 4
  • Power: 89 hp (SAE/2300r/min)
  • Speeds: 8 + 2 R (fully synchronized)
  • PTO speeds: 540, 1000, ground speed
  • Brakes: hydraulically operated, dry, disc brakes
  • Weight: 3200 kg

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Valmet 900

Valmet 900

VAlmet 900 View inside the cab

View inside the cab.