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Once Valtra had made a sufficient breakthrough in the biggest tractor markets, such as Great Britain, France and Germany, the pressure was on to introduce a model with over 200 horsepower. Dealers were demanding a big tractor.

The only independent transmission manufacture during the development work was ZF, and an agreement was subsequently signed with the German company. Valtra’s own diesel factory developed a large 8.4-litre six-cylinder engine. Potential hydraulics suppliers include Rexroth, Bosch and Danfoss.

The basic concept of the new tractor was decided in-house. The starting point consisted of traditional Valtra virtues: low weight in relation to power, a TwinTrac reverse-drive system, and a comfortable cab. IT applications offered excited adding value. The development work relied on Valtra’s own R&D expertise and a network of partners who could raise the level of innovativeness to new heights.

Many radical solutions were created for the new model. For example, the only component in the cab that could be opened was the door. This allowed the cab to be made as quiet and dust-free as possible.

The tractor was eagerly awaited by dealers and customers alike. In the autumn of 1999 Valtra announced to the world that it really was making a big tractor. To prove the point, a prototype was shown at the Agritechnica Exhibition in Hanover, Germany. Throughout the autumn of 2000, prototypes of the new generation were shown at more events. Valtra’s flagship S Series was launched in 2001.

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S Series tractor

The S Series was a trend-setter in design.

The S Series was a trend-setter in design.

Valtra S Series tractor

Cab ergonomy was perfect.