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The design of the new model series was started from scratch. The new models were easily distinguished from other tractors. A unique, modern look and a spacious cab attracted the customers. The colour was red with a black body and white rims.

The tractors were designed to be 4WD from the beginning. Good tractive effort was achieved by distributing more weight to the front, still without the total weight going up. The engine was located on top of the driven front axle, and there was a lot of room left between the clutch and the gearbox for a big 180 litre fuel tank, which was at the same time functioning as part of the tractor body plus protecting the propeller shaft of the 4-wheel-drive.

The gearbox was fully synchronized, up to group and reverse gears, and a planetary shift-on-the-go, Trac Trol, was delivered as either underdrive or overdrive version. This was because of the accepted 40 km/h nominal speed in Finland. The shift-on-the-go was controlled with low pressure hydraulics, which was also used to control a new type of differential safety lock and the multidisc clutch of the PTO. The rear axles were supplied with sturdy, planetary final drives and wet multidisc brakes.

The lifting capacity of the hydraulics, 4 tons, caused a severe headache to many competitors, whose lifting capacity figures were an average one and a half tons lower than that. The use of two external lifting cylinders and the very successful styling of the rear end made it possible to build the cab floor flat all the way to the back wall. This had a very good advantage: the operator was able to swivel the seat 180 degrees and use the rear-mounted implements, like a timber loader, without straining his back.

There were altogether four basic models, all of them with turbocharger. Engine characteristics were again better than before. Maximum power was reached at lower rpm figures and the torque rise was considerable. Model 505 became a symbol of tenacity just like its predecessor, the famous T 350.

When the 05 Series came to the market in January 1983, it represented the absolute height tractor technology.


Volvo BM Valmet 05 Series technical details







Weight, kg



3.3 l / 3T

65 hv DIN





3.3 l / 3T

72 hv DIN





4.4 l / 4T

82 hv DIN





4.4 l / 4T

95 hv DIN



Volvo BM Valmet 805-4

Volvo BM Valmet 805-4

Volvo BM Valmet 05 Serie

Volvo BM Valmet 05 Series