Small A Series tractor made by Hema Valtra

2003 Licence agreement with Hema Endüstri

Product history

2001 S Series
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Turkey is among the world's main tractor markets. Depending on agricultural finance, 15,000 to 30,000 tractors are sold there every year. The average farm size is less than 10 hectares, however, which means that most of the tractors sold are small. But in the country's wide open areas, there are large estates that buy more powerful tractors.

Turkish Hema Endüstri AS had sought a partner and seen promise in Valtra, owing to Valtra's success in countries like Brazil and its sensitivity to different cultures. Negotiations were held in 2002 and 2003. By September 2003, the talks had advanced far enough to gain permission from AGCO, the soon-to-be owner of Valtra, to sign a co-operation agreement. The managements of AGCO and Hema had the opportunity to meet at Agritechnica in November 2003. This started a relationship in which Hema has emerged as an important supplier of components to Valtra.

Hema supplies components and the smallest models in the A Series. In addition, Hema manufactures larger A Series models under license for the Turkish market and serves as the official Valtra importer in Turkey.

Hema Endüstri AS had been one of Turkey's fastest-growing parts suppliers for the automotive industry. The company's main factories are located at Cerkezköy, 90 km northwest of Istanbul on the European side.

Small A Series tractor made by Hema Valtra

Small A Series tractor made by Hema Valtra.