2010 N series awards

2010 Fourth generation models win numerous awards

Valtra began introducing new fourth generation models in the early 2010s, beginning with the S Series and continuing with the T and N Series.

The T4 and N4 were immediate sales successes. Importers and dealers ordered over a thousand units of each at the launch event. The new models also attracted a lot of positive media attention, and customers expressed their satisfaction with the new features and designs.

The success of the newest Valtra tractor models is reflected in all the awards they have won. The T4 Series was named “Machine of the Year 2015” and the N4 Series “Machine of the Year 2016”. In addition, a jury of independent design industry professionals from around the world selected the N Series as the recipient of the “Golden Tractor for the Design 2016” award. In spring 2016 the Valtra T234 went on to win the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design category. Over 5200 products from 57 countries were entered in the competition.

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2016 Valtra T234 RedDot winner

Valtra T234, the RedDot winner 2016.