Valmet 1203

1980 Valmet 1203 – Supercharger

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The Comprex charger that came into the series in model 1203 represented a totally new kind of thinking. This supercharger had been developed by Swiss Brown-Boveri, and it offered many advantages compared to ordinary turbo-charging.

In this new type of charger, the exhaust gases influenced the intake gases directly, and as a result “turbo lag” during acceleration was eliminated and the engine reacted in load or accelerated at once. Also torque was very high even at low rpm figures. Performance figures spoke for themselves: the Valmet 411 CX engine developed 110 hp DIN, yet the maximum torque was as much as 424Nm/ 1350 r/min. Torque rise was 27%, and Valmet could offer the first so-called constant power engine in Europe.

The model 1203/1203-4 replaced the models 1102 and 1103-4 on the market. This model can be distinguished from the other Valmet tractors of the time by its extended nose. This was due to an extra fuel tank right in the front.

Comprex pressure wave supercharger:
Comprex pressure wave supercharger

  • Valmet 1203 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 4.4 l / 4TX
  • Power: 110 hp (DIN)
  • Speeds: 16 + 4 R
  • Weight: 4500 kg
1980 Valmet 1203

Valmet 1203