1951 Valmet 15 and 20

1951 Valmet 15 and Valmet 20

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1951 Valmet tractor production begins
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The first small tractor was designed without major investments by using existing components. Parts for the first test series of ten tractors were manufactured at the Rautpohja factory in Jyväskylä, but later production was transferred to the State Rifle Factory in Tourula (Jyväskylä). At the same time the product was given the name Valmet (from “Valtion Metallitehtaat”, which had become the limited liability company Valmet Ltd).

The first Valmet tractors were assembled at the Tourula factory in 1951. In 1952, a test series of 75 tractors was manufactured. The product itself, the Valmet 15A, was introduced at a time when there was a great demand for small tractors, which were replacing horses as the principal means of power on the farm.

The engine was developed at the Linnavuori engine plant. A four-cylinder carburettor kerosene engine was chosen with a capacity of 1.5 litres and an output of 15 horsepower at 2000 rpm. The design was as simple as possible, incorporating a magneto ignition and side-valve layout.

The transmission offered three forward gears and one reverse gear. The diameter of the clutch was eight inches, and the steering linkage was naturally mechanical, as the tractor weighed just 780 kilograms. The power lift was also mechanical to begin with. Implements were controlled by a long rod, albeit with an unloading spring. The three-point coupling was not yet common, so implements were developed for each model separately. The basic implements for the little Valmet included a plough, a harrow, a mower and a trailer.

By the spring of 1955 already 3000 of these tractors had been sold. Just as today, users continually requested more power, so the Valmet 20 was introduced in May 1955 with 22 horsepower. Altogether around 10,000 Valmet 15 and 20 tractors were manufactured before finally being discontinued in 1963.

  • Valmet 15 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 1,5 l / 4
  • Power: 15 hp
  • Speeds: 3 + R
  • Weight: 780 kg
  • Valmet 20 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 1,5 l/ 4
  • Power: 19,5-22 hp
  • Speeds: 3 + R
  • Weight: 900 kg
Valmet 15

Valmet 15

A very handy tractor

A very handy tractor.

The Valmet 20 was a welcome aid for Finnish agricultural production on small family farms

The Valmet 20 was a welcome aid for Finnish agricultural production on small family farms.