Valmet 1502 bogie tractor

1975 Valmet 1502 – Bogie tractor

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The idea of a bogie tractor originated in the end of the 1960's. The aim was both to further develop ergonomics and to bring a tractor range in the power class 120-150 hp to the market. The model 1502, then, was only one way of combining the modules developed in the project. The bogie tractor looked rather startling. The cab was wider in the upper part, something that had not been seen before. This design kept the cab cooler, as sunrays could not easily get in (in those days air conditioning was very rare and expensive).

The big sensations was that the big rear wheels had been replaced by four bogie driven wheels. The bogie had obvious advantages. It reduced the vibration affecting the rear axle, and by moving the driver’s seat forward also the vertical amplitudes could be minimized. The six wheels had more contact surface with the soil, so there was less ground pressure, and for truly difficult conditions, a track was rolled round the bogie wheels. The bogie could be lifted with hydraulic cylinders. Poor steerability was a disadvantage of the bogie, but this was solved, when a driven front axle was installed in the tractor.

The engine was a new 611 CS from the Linnavuori engine factory, with 6.6 l displacement, turbocharged, 136 hp DIN six-cylinder. It was the number one model of the long-stroke 11 C Series. The gearbox had 16+4 speeds and was synchronized of course.

The 1502 project had been started at the time of a strong boom that seemed to have no end. The oil crisis of the autumn of 1973 changed the project quite a lot. The first to buy the bogie tractors was the peat industry, not big farms. This caused a change in the image of the bogie tractor, and the tractor was felt to be for industrial use.

The 1502 had no success as an agricultural tractor, because it weighed a couple of tons too much. On the contracting machinery side, however, the new bogie tractor originated several new products, and especially the new bold look was utilized in the future.

  • Valmet 1502 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinderst: 16.6 l / 6T
  • Power: 136 hp (DIN)
  • Speeds: 16 + 4 R
  • Weight: 7200 kg
1975 The six-wheeler Valmet 1502

The six-wheeler raised a lot of interest.

1975 Valmet 1502 for truly difficult conditions

A tractor for truly difficult conditions.