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The agreement with Volvo concerning the supply of transmissions and powertrains ended in 1990. Well before this time, however, Valmet had designed an entirely new generation of tractors. Its four-cylinder version was given the name Mezzo or 6000 Series, while the six-cylinder version was known as the Mega or 8000 Series. The smallest models in the Mega Series were manufactured by Valmet alone, while the 140- and 170-horsepower versions were made in co-operation with Massey Ferguson.

Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Pugh AG participated in the design of the new tractors for three years. As a result of this co-operation, the specifications were made as widely applicable as possible. The co-operation ended prematurely in 1989 due to reasons outside Valmet’s control, but it was still able to fully utilise the components that had been jointly developed, such as transmissions, cabs and a new generation of diesel engine.

The first embodiment of the new generation was the six-cylinder Mega 8100, which was unveiled in the autumn of 1990. The introduction of the new generation was completed in February 1991 in Röros, Norway, when the four-cylinder 6000 Series was introduced to the world.

The new tractors were built in Suolahti and offered between 79 and 120 horsepower. The engine was a new generation of “Steyr-Valmet” units that were manufactured at Valmet’s engine plant in Nokia. The transmission was designed to meet Central European demands and featured a forward-reverse shuttle, for example. The powershift option was originally the familiar two-stage TracTrol, but this was replaced in 1993 with the three-stage Delta Powershift.

Valmet’s expertise in ergonomics was clear to see in the brand new cab, which featured curved glass in all windows. In addition to improving visibility, the curved glass also lowered noise levels.

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Mega 8100

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Mezzo 6400, a favourite in its class