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1934 Bolinder-Munktell models BM 25 and BM 3

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The first really new tractor model since 1921 was unveiled in 1934. The model BM 25 was powered by a Bolinder W5 engine. It was a 5.3 litre two cylinder and two cycle semi-diesel, rated at 32 hp. The Bolinder engine was more advanced than its predecessors were. Instead of constant running speed, the running speed was variable with a rated speed of 900 rpm. The warming-up time with a torchlamp before starting was reduced to 3-4 minutes.

The transmission layout remained transverse giving as a benefit an easy drive for the belt pulley. The driving clutch was also used to disengage the belt pulley. The number of speeds was 4+R, giving the forward speeds 3.2-4.2-5.2-6.2 kph. When the first rubber tyres became available at the end of the 1930's, the speeds were increased as an option. The type number 25 was misleading because the power was in fact 32 hp. The tractor was re-named BM2 in 1939.

Just before the Second World War BM launched a larger version BM 3,40 hp.

  • BM 25 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 5,3 l / 2
  • Power: 32 hp
  • Speeds: 4 + R
  • Weight: 2100 kg
BM 25

BM 25

BM 3 oli mallin 25 seuraaja.

The BM 3 was the successor of model 25.