2013 Remanufacturing Workshop and Unlimited Studio

In the early 2010s Valtra introduced two new functions at the Suolahti factory that proved to be very successful: the Remanufacturing Workshop at the transmission plant and the Unlimited Studio at the assembly plant. Both of these functions expanded rapidly in just a few years.

The Remanufacturing Workshop supplies fully remanufactured transmissions to customers around the world. When a remanufactured transmission is ordered, the customer’s old transmission is sent back to Suolahti to be remanufactured and eventually delivered to another customer. AGCO Power’s engine plant also has a long tradition in remanufacturing.

The Unlimited Studio in turn fulfils all the wishes a customer may have for his or her tractor so long as they are legally and technically feasible. Valtra already offers a comprehensive range of options and accessories, but at the Unlimited Studio the sky is the limit. Everything that is fitted by the Unlimited Studio has the same warranty as the tractor, and all parts are documented so that spare parts can be supplied in the future.

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