2005 AutoGuide

2005 Self-guided tractors with remote monitoring

Tractor technology took a giant leap forward with the introduction of autosteer and remote monitoring systems. Back in the 1990s the idea that a tractor could steer itself would have sounded like science fiction, yet just a decade later this option became widely available on Valtra tractors.

AutoGuide accurately steers tractors down rows, but the driver has to take the wheel to turn around begin a new row. This in turn can be simplified with the help of Valtra’s U-Pilot headland management system. AutoGuide steers the tractor within a few centimetres between rows of crops and when spreading manure, as well as in foggy or dark conditions. By eliminating overlap when spreading fertiliser or pesticides, for example, the system can pay for itself in just a few years.

The AgComman remote monitoring system in turn makes it possible for the owner to monitor tractor data online, including the tractor’s location and around 50 other parameters. Remote monitoring is a useful tool for invoicing, managing and documenting work.

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Valtra AutoGuide and Isobus

The first generation AutoGuide from 2005

The first generation AutoGuide from 2005.

AutoGuide installation

AutoGuide installation.

Valtra AutoGuide from 2009

AutoGuide from 2009.