1976 t650

1976 Volvo BM T 650 – The original BM Volvo cab

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Boxer and its successor T 600 needed a replacement. Not only were there stricter noise regulations for the cab, but there was also a demand for shift-on-the-go and more cylinders. The answer of BM Volvo was reassuring again; the BM Volvo T 650 was a completely new tractor, unveiled in 1970.

BM Volvo developed the completely new four-cylinder, 4,4 litres D42, 73 hp DIN engine for this product. A strategic decision was made to develop a highly comfortable cab, using the know-how of the whole Volvo Corporation.

The car and truck manufacturing technology influenced the basic design of the new cab, consisting of stamped and pressed pieces of thin metal sheet which were joined together by spot welding. This choice gave a lot of advantages. The finishing of the cab was well ahead of all rivals and the styling was automotive-like. The negative points were that the tooling investments for manufacturing were really heavy and the metal sheets were sensitive to corrosion.

The manufacturing of the cab was to take place at the Hallsberg combine harvester plat. Within one decade, cabs were the sole product of that factory.

BM Volvo had also the 8+2 R gearbox concept and Trac Trol option to increase the number of speeds to 16+4 R. The hydrostatic steering and adjustable steering wheel helped gain the highest point of comfort in the T 650.

There was room for an additional model in the product range. The turbocharged T 700 was taking into production in spring 1976. The TD42 engine developed 90 hp DIN. Because of higher torque, many vital parts of the power train were reinforced.

  • Volvo BM T 650 in short:
  • Engine displacement/cylinders: 4.4 litres / 4TX
  • Power: 73 hp (DIN)
  • Speeds: 8 + 2 R / 16 + 4 R (with Trac Trol)
  • Weight: 3900 kg

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1976 Volvo BM T 700

Volvo BM T 700 was the turbocharged version of the T 650.

1976 Volvo BM T 650

Volvo BM T 650