Into the era of ergonomics

The Valmet 900 started the era of ergonomics in tractor technology.

For the first decade of its existence the Valmet tractor was firmly in the fields and also found its way to the forests during wintertime. Although the basic technology of the tractor had developed immensely after the war, the working environment of the driver had been paid very little attention to.

The safety frame was soon to become obligatory, and that fact was utilized in putting light-weight protection on the tractors. These "cabbies" were never tight, but draughty and noisy instead. Steering systems needed a lot of manpower and the working positions were tiring.

Valmet's engineering director Rauno Bergius decided that a tractor driver is entitled to a working environment, which is of the same standard as that of a lorry driver. The Tourula product development team thus began to apply ergonomics side by side with technical sciences.