1996 X Series - Articulated Valtra


Valmet had already developed an articulated forest tractor based on agricultural tractors at the beginning of the 60's (Valmet 363 D).


The Mezzo Series offered an opportunity for the use of that same idea in the tractors for the millennium change. Mezzo had a chassis made of steel, which was easy to remodel to the pivot system known from forest machines.


The articulated tractor was presented with the Valtra name in 1996. With the X Series a very versatile tractor, unmatched by competition, was now available.


The model series was designed to be equipped with an industrial front loader. The loader beams were made completely out of steel just like in genuine wheel loaders.

First there were two versions of the articulated Valtra - C (City) and F (Forest). There were three power classes:


95 hp (C)
105 hp (C, F)
115 hp (C, F)


X Series - Valtra City Range


X Series

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