Improved Synchro tractor: Valmet 565 II

Valmet 565, classic

At the end of 1965 an improved version of the Valmet 565, the 565 II, was launched. The seat was changed into a so-called health seat; its characteristics were the anatomic design, a long spring movement and spring stiffness that could be adjusted according to the driver's weight.

The hydraulic pump was moved to the right-hand side of the engine. To facilitate cold starting, the pump could be disengaged. The new location was a great advantage in contracting work, because the front end of the crankshaft was thus left free for an extra pump for hydraulics. One of the pump applications was a hydrostatic crawling gear enabling variable speed control in the range from 0 to 3 km/h.

One of the main technical topics in the sixties, besides the differential lock, was the PTO independent from the use of the drive clutch. Valmet found an original solution. Usually the independent PTO has two positions, first the disengagement of the drive clutch and, by further pedal travel, the disengaging of the PTO clutch. Instead of that system, Valmet used a double clutch, with one pedal for the drive clutch and another one for the PTO clutch. Additionally, both clutch plates were of an equal size, with an 11'' diameter, which was different from most of the other common double clutches.

All these innovations made the synchro tractor all the more versatile as a power source.