Legendary tale about Bolinder's famous engines

Bolinderin motors

Legendary tales were told about the engines. Here is one of them.
The son of a merchant in Lille had borrowed his father's boat and went sailing on the English Channel with a couple of friends. On the way home they saw some floating barrels and noticed that they contained port wine. The barrels were lifted on board, but when the last barrel would not fit in the boat, one of the youngsters had an idea. Why not empty the raw oil tank of the assisting engine - port was so much more valuable than raw oil.
Said and done. The boat headed towards the harbour but then it happened... The wind stopped blowing and darkness was falling. Suddenly the young men had an idea: let's try and use the port as fuel. The Bolinder engine was started and the course set towards the harbour again. To the great astonishment of the sailors, the engine kept running smoothly and reliably. There was no limit to their joy as their invention was functioning so well.
When the boys came ashore it was regarded as a miracle and so was the port wine they had found, but what got the most space in the local paper was the miraculous Bolinder engine that runs even with port wine!
When the matter was examined more closely afterwards, the service man noticed that there was enough oil left in the long fuel line so that the port never reached the engine itself. But that is another story.