The birth of "Small Valmet"

1951 1960 5

“A couple of years before the war indemnity deliveries were complete, around 1948, we began to think about future civilian products. My suggestion, as a farmer, was agricultural tractors” says Mr Olavi Sipilä, who was called in to undertake the project.

”The little tractor, code-named Pikku-Jehu (”Little John”), was designed and built without additional investment, using existing machine tools. The parts for the first 10 test tractors were made at Rautpohja, but there was still no place for series assembly. The State Metal Factories thus decided to move manufacturing to the former State Rifle Factory – Tourula. Eventually the first Valmet tractors were assembled at the Tourula Works in 1951 and it is from this date we begin to count our age.

Mr Sipilä was transferred to the Tourula Works, and was there to help start the serial production of the “Small Valmet” – a test batch of 75 tractors was manufactured in 1952.