Mid-weight diesel tractor

1951 1960 Valmet 33D

Earlier Finnish tractor projects had been choked to death by the competition. Messrs Wrede, Sipilä and engine factory representative Kaipainen agreed on a simple rule: the price of a Valmet tractor was to be competitive in the market place. Attention was concentrated on manufacturing costs and simplified production.

The engine design remained to be finalised. Mr Olavi Salminen, chief engine designer at Linnavuori, suggested a three cylinder engine because it clearly had a smaller number of parts than a four cylinder unit. And so it was: a three cylinder, liquid cooled, direct injection engine.

Mr Sipilä highlights some special early Valmet features that remain typical – even today: “As we calculated manufacturing expenses, we decided to try and make the gear box as short as possible, utilising three parallel shafts. As s result there was an empty space between the clutch and transmission. We figured out that fuel in a tank located here would balance the heat of the transmission, cooling it in hot weather and keeping the fuel warm in cold weather – there were no special winter diesel fuels at that time.”